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Teach, Share Love and Restore Hope

We are the children of Uganda, we smile because you have shown us love and care

Thank you for that CARE, LOVE AND JOY you have brought


It’s a registered NGO school/Orphanage Home. The school started in 1995 as an initiative by concerned community members, who decided to do something about the issue of education for orphans in the community. It was registered as a community based organization within Bushenyi District, One of the poorest rural areas in Uganda. With the increasing number of families falling victim to the HIV/AIDS scourge and Malaria-some people in the community saw the formation of such a school as a priority.

Beginning with 5 students and 5 teachers, depending almost entirely on donations from local well-wishers, small loans and membership fess, the school gradually grew to 89 in 1998, 103 in 2000, Due to the schools recognition by the local authorities their allocation of orphans has led to its current number of 360 students of those 98% are total orphans who do not have a single parent or guardian where to go. So they have their lunch and housing at the school which is now very small for growing number of students.

The school is utilizing buildings loaned or rented from members of the local community to provide its services to the orphans.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Annah Foroto (a.k.a- Mama Africa)- Project Director

Mr. Peter Zindekaho

Nsiime Kedress

Atwine Anet

Nalongo Nzenia

Prima Ahimbisibwe

Esther- Teacher

Isaac Ssamba- Project Patron

Project Plan:

Currently we are working diligently to expand our services to a bigger number of orphans in the area through building up new premises on our own land. You can contact us for details on the proposed work plan for the new school. Approximate cost for the entire facility $ 23,470


Community Based Initiatives for Vulnerable Children(COBIVUC)

P.O Box 176 Bushenyi, Uganda or

P.O Box 423 Mukono, Uganda

Tel: +256753216892



Mr. Isaac Ssamba



Income Generating activities at the Orphanage

Pig rearing

Rabbit rearing

Chicken rearing

Activities where a Volunteer can help:

Teaching English

Organizing and Training our club in Music, Dance and Drama

Agriculture- Setting up gardens for children, growing food etc

Building Chicken Pens, Rabbit pens, Pig stys etc

Administration: Fund-raising, Compiling reports, Keep records for Children, Marketing our products, Feeding Children- Buying food for them, clothing, Medication.

If you have any medical background- you can help in treating children, prescribe drugs for children, Health Monitoring of Children,


We welcome people to get involved, COBIVUC is in need of much guidance from outside volunteers, both short and longer term.

We have adequate accommodation at our House for volunteers and tourists alike and our fee is U.S $ 400 per month for your food and room and transportation from the airport. There are no up-front administration fees and your accommodation will be once.

Locally, Prima Ahimbisibwe- the Project Coordinator, Annah Foroto- Project Director and Isaac Ssamba the Project Patron will be your main contacts during your stay in Bushenyi

Depending upon your existing skills and qualifications, an outline of the most suitable projects for you to implement will be discussed with Isaac Ssamba our Patron before your stay. He will also be in regular contact with you throughout your period of volunteering.

How your money will be spend:

U.S $ 50- First Night and Second at Light Guest House in Mukono

U.S $ 50- Transport from Airport to Mukono and from Mukono to Bushenyi

U.S $ 200- Food and Accommodation

U.S $ 100- Donation to the orphan can be used to buy school supplies (pencils, books, art supplies, uniforms etc), Can cover School fees, food and accommodation for 2 children a month, School fees, Can be used to buy 4 desks, can be used to buy food and can be used to buy paraffin used at the orphanage


With the increasing discontent, with giving blind to a charity with little knowledge of where your donation goes. COBIVOS is now able to offer a way to ensure your money ends up where intended. You choose your project and visit it to ensure your money has been spent the way you wanted. Through limited red tape and administration costs your money in full goes to the people who need it.


Contact a COBIVOS Trustee Board in Uganda and choose a suitable project e.g (School building, Furniture, Piggery, Chicken, Mattresses, Bedbags, clothing, and feeding etc)

Finalize your donation budget and intended project. Send the funds and arrange a field trip to review the success.

Travel to western Uganda and see what difference you have made by staying with the people you have helped. (You can combine your field trip with a holiday too).

Donate to a project of your choice

Help us to make a difference


Visit COBIVUC and volunteer your skills whilst contributing to the projects. There is a residential and a school block which accommodates individuals from all over Uganda and overseas that come to volunteer their skills with us in different programs offered by Orphanage depending on duration of their choice ranging from one day to 4 months. They pay a small fee for meals, accommodation, trips and project donation.


Look at Orphanage facilities & suggest improvements that could be made

Look at ways of making extra income at school so profits can be re-invested into other community projects

Check out trading centers and markets where raw materials can be purchased and crafts items and produce can be sold

Make visits to nearby schools, clinics & church to assess their needs

Visit families in nearby villages to gain knowledge about their circumstances and needs e.g. housing, sanitation, health, diet, schooling and goals

Meet the community leaders and decide what projects best to start on first

Find teachers needed to utilize existing toolkits & equipment.

Discuss salaries & minimal charges needed for classes to become self-funding

Help arrange timetables then assist with publicity for training classes

Initiate children’s sessions for sports, music, singing, crafts, reading etc

Teach staff at the school basic cooking of western meals (omelette, chips etc)

Explore possibility of opening weekly clinic/immunization centre at the school

Assess total cost of proposed new buildings at Orphanage

Get quotes for digging a new covered well with hand-pump

Assess costs per family for small animal project - shelter, food & stock purchase

Organise building of kiosks for road-side selling of produce & crafts

Encourage regular discussions and early implementation of projects

Visit mountain villages to see if occasional help can be extended there

Any other ideas or things an individual may wish to explore are welcomed

Useful Links:

Beacon of Hope Uganda-a small NGO authorized by the Uganda government to carry out charitable activities in the rural areas of the country. Offering scholarships to disadvantaged children in Mukono region-

BoHU recruits and places foreign volunteers with grassroot projects in rural areas of the country.

Are you a project Director in Uganda and looking for International Volunteers; Please Visit:

and use 3804 as your code when registering

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